Tradition verpflichtet - Möbel sind unser Handwerk seit 1915.

Experience needs history

Furniture is our craft since 1915.

Individuality and craftsmanship have been the hallmarks of our furniture production since the company was founded in 1915. From a basket maker to a modern furniture company. As much as the technology and requirements have changed, we have never neglected one thing: the region and the craft.

We continue to stand by the Borgentreich location, where we continue to lay the foundation for the future of our company through training in technical and commercial professions.

We have been committed to this tradition since 1915.

2016 2016: Decker wird Deutschlands erster Klimaneutraler Möbelhersteller.

Decker becomes Germany's first climate-neutral furniture manufacturer.

Decker Timeline Sei ein Endecker

Start of the training campaign "Be a discoverer".

2015 Tradition verpflichtet. Erfahrung braucht Geschichte.

Under the motto: "Tradition obliges. Experience needs history". the company celebrates its 100th anniversary. A special occasion to look back together with the "family" and to tackle new challenges with foresight.

Andreas Decker wird zum neuen DGM-Vorsitzenden gewählt.

Andreas Decker is elected as the new DGM Chairman.

Commissioning of a further PVA in an order of magnitude of approx. 500 kWp - mainly for own consumption. With the total output of all PVAs, the degree of self-sufficiency increases to approx. 15%.

Conversion to the purchase of green electricity.

2014 Erste Massivholz-Küche auf der imm cologne.

For the first time, the company presents a solid wood kitchen at the imm cologne.

2013 Zertifizierung Kreis Höxter "Familienfreundliches Unternehmen".

First certification of the Höxter district "Family-friendly company".

Die Möbelwerke A. Decker GmbH feiern das Richtfest der Halle 14.

Möbelwerke A. Decker GmbH celebrates the topping-out ceremony for Hall 14.


Commissioning of a new biomass heating plant. Thanks to numerous energy efficiency measures in recent years, the heat requirement has been reduced by almost half.

2010 Möbelwerke A. Decker GmbH wird zur Firma des Monats Dezember

The family company Möbelwerke A. Decker GmbH is named company of the month December. With this award, the community of interests honours the commitment of the company from Borgentreich at the location.

Decker Timeline Korbmachermuseum

Tradition obliges

Decker enters into a long-term partnership with the Dalhausen Basket Making Museum and thus supports it with donations of money and goods.

2009 Möbelwerke A. Decker GmbH seit Anfang des Jahres nach den Standards des weltweit größten Waldzertifizierungssystems PEFC zertifiziert

Since the beginning of the year, Möbelwerke A. Decker GmbH has been certified according to the standards of the world's largest forest certification system PEFC.

2008 Die Massivholzakademie wird gegründet

The solid wood academy is founded. Interested furniture consultants are qualified as solid wood consultants in seminars. The academy imparts in-depth and advanced knowledge in the areas of wood species and the processing of solid wood.

2002 Erstmalig in der Unternehmensgeschichte fertigen die Möbelwerke A. Decker GmbH Produkte aus Rotkerniger Buche

For the first time in the company's history, Möbelwerke A. Decker GmbH manufactures products from red core beech. The presentation of the products on the Day of the Regions is a complete success.

2001 Die Verwaltung bezieht das neue Gebäude in Borgholz

There's a big parade coming up. The administration moves into the new building in Borgholz.

1990 Das Unternehmen feiert sein 75-jähriges Betriebsjubiläum

The company celebrates its 75th anniversary.
Setting an example: This is what Andreas Decker thought when he had 75 trees planted in the homes of his employees for this festive occasion and donated a car to Caritas.

1987 Die Möbelwerke A. Decker GmbH werden Mitglied der Deutschen Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V.

Möbelwerke A. Decker GmbH becomes a member of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (German Quality Association for Furniture).
This ensures that the quality standards are sustainably assured.

Andreas Decker, Sohn des Firmeninhabers Karl-Josef Decker, tritt in das Unternehmen ein.

Andreas Decker, son of the company owner Karl-Josef Decker, joins the company.

1984 Wir stellen die Möbelproduktion auf Teilmassivholz-Einrichtungen um

We convert the furniture production to partial solid wood equipment. And something is also moving technologically: CNC-controlled production systems are being used for the first time.

1979 Das Reposa Polstermöbelwerk wird gegründet

Reposa Polstermöbelwerk is founded. In the same year, young people are trained as upholsterers at the new location in Natzungen.

1974 Anerkennung durch die IHK zum Ausbildungsbetrieb

A worthwhile investment. Thanks to the initiative of Karl-Josef Decker, a training workshop is being set up at the Borgholz plant in order to secure the necessary number of qualified skilled workers in the long term. In the same year, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce recognizes the company as a training company. The term 'wood mechanic' is born.

1969 Wir starten die Produktion in Borgholz.

We start production in Borgholz.

1968 Der Grundstein für die Zukunft wird gelegt.

The foundation for the future is laid. A special moment. A cassette is used to wick in documents and deeds. This once again made clear the significance of the building.

Erwerb eines 50.000 qm großen Gründstück in Borgholz

The plant in Dalhausen has reached its capacity limit. In order to keep up with the latest technology, Karl-Josef Decker acquires a 50,000 sqm plot of land in Borgholz. Construction of the first hall will begin in autumn.

1948 Im jungen Alter von 18 Jahren tritt Karl-Josef Decker ins Unternehmen ein

Karl-Josef Decker joins the company at the young age of 18. Asked before the question: Thank God, he decides to take the second option for a German railway employee or entrepreneur.

1934 Erster umfangreicher Korbwaren- und Korbmöbel-Katalog erscheint.

The first comprehensive wicker goods and wicker furniture catalogue is published.

1915 August Decker gründet gemeinsam mit einem Vetter einen Korbmacherbetrieb

August Decker founds a basket-making business together with his cousin. After only a short time, they split up and August Decker took over sole responsibility for the business in May.

August Decker - Der Gründer der Unternehmensgruppe.

August Decker - The founder of the group of companies.