Decker Sustainability - We assume responsibility



More up-to-date than ever: Responsibility is a term that we at Decker live by. Our economic success is closely linked to responsible action. For our employees, society and the environment.

Our goal is to shape the future. With conscious decisions and an eye on the effect of our actions. Four core areas form the basis for the continued healthy growth of our company:

  • Environmental protection
  • Climate protection
  • Product responsibility
  • Social responsibility

If we speak of responsibility at Decker, then this goes far beyond legal requirements or the requirements of the German Furniture Quality Association (Deutscher Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V.). Our own high standards start with the selection of the raw materials and extend from production to the product ready for shipment. At the same time, the actions of our employees and their impact on society and the environment are extremely important to us. Economically effective, ecologically forward-looking and with a conscious social character: All this is united in our medium-sized company under the term "sustainability".

environmental protection

Decker Company Sustainability Environmental Protection

Only those who act in harmony with their environment have a future. Environmental protection is therefore one of our most important corporate tasks. We at Decker want to act as environmentally friendly as possible for the benefit of our company, our employees and all people. We are guided by four concepts:

  1. Understanding
  2. Avoid - Reduce - Recycle
  3. beautify
  4. mediation

We at Decker know that ecologically conscious action also makes economic sense in the long term. To this end, we work every day to conserve valuable resources and implement environmentally conscious processes. And this from procurement to production to sales.

Avoidance. Reduce. Recycling.
An impressively simple principle that must first be rediscovered by our society. We are already implementing it: Avoid before reduce, reduce before recycle, recycle before dispose. Every one of our actions - as well as investments in new processes - is measured by this.

A clean, beautiful working environment affects work behaviour and motivation. And so we at Decker regularly clean and maintain our indoor and outdoor facilities and pay attention to tidiness and cleanliness at the workplace. In addition, there is the effect that the infrastructure is maintained at a high level of quality and does not have to be renewed at an early stage.

Thinking ahead. Think for yourself. Acting consciously. Environmental protection concerns all our employees - Decker informs regularly, demands comprehensive action and promotes. And so do our suppliers and business partners: here too we expect a lot and have concluded corresponding agreements.

At Decker, environmental protection and product quality go hand in hand and are continuously adapted to each other. We are certain that our high ecological goals and excellent products will make our environment a little bit better.

climate protection

Protect what's important. The climate and its protection affects everyone. Decker has permanently reduced CO2 emissions in recent years. For example through heat recovery, the gradual conversion of lighting to LEDs and consistent building management with improvements in insulation and water consumption.

Decker is an excellent climate-neutral furniture manufacturer  » learn more.

Wood: raw material for the future
Unlike many other materials, wood is completely climate neutral. This is an advantage that we at Decker consistently use in our solid wood furniture. In the course of its life, each tree binds a large amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and releases oxygen to the environment via the photosynthesis process. If we take a look at the entire German forest, about 4.4 billion tons of the greenhouse gas CO2 are stored there - an enormous quantity. If you now make your home worth living in with Decker furniture, then you are helping to make sensible use of this storage facility and make your own small but fine contribution to climate protection. By the way: not only are sustainability particularly important to us at Decker in terms of the production and value of our products, but targeted forestry is also important. A new tree is planted for every tree felled. A valuable cycle for a healthy environment.

At Decker, we generate heat exclusively in our own biomass plant. This is supplied with natural residual wood and chips. We generate about 15% of our electricity with our own photovoltaic plants. This enables us to reduce CO2 emissions by around 400,000 kilograms per year. Our company covers the remaining 85% of our electricity requirements with 100% climate-friendly green electricity. We can therefore say with a clear conscience that our electricity supply is completely climate-neutral.

In order to further reduce our own ecological footprint in the future, the following applies: reduction before compensation. If this is not possible, we offset the impact with high-quality CO2 certificates.

Decker climate protection - high-quality CO2 certificates

product stewardship

Decker Company Sustainability Product responsibility

Functional furniture in outstanding quality and timeless design - it is precisely this product philosophy that keeps us thinking ahead. The waste-free product cycle with environmentally friendly materials from procurement to the end product - "cradle to cradle" - is deeply rooted in our thinking. The renewable raw material wood is of particular importance. Its careful production and use brings a wealth of advantages for the soil, water balance, air, climate and thus our entire environmental and quality of life.

The wood for Decker products comes exclusively from stocks in which active and sustainable stock maintenance is carried out. And we will give you a letter and seal. Decker is currently the only solid wood manufacturer to be PEFC certified. Wood products with this seal come from sustainably managed forests. These must meet strict management requirements and also take ecological, social and economic factors into account.

The Decker certification number is: PEFC/04-31-1145.

Massive and untreated
We obtain the raw material wood completely untreated and dried. Unless otherwise stated, all our furniture is made entirely of solid wood. Decker implements the DIN 68871 standard; all parts of a piece of furniture are made from the specified type of wood. Only then is a piece of furniture solid wood. The only exceptions are rear panels, drawer bottoms and drawer frames. We produce these plywood materials with the addition of white glue. All surfaces are treated with natural oils. This enhances the natural character of the wood. Our furniture oil is 100 % made from natural raw materials. Finally the packaging. It consists of undyed polyethylene film, which is an environmentally friendly and recyclable material. This is also reinforced by fully recyclable cardboard as edge protection. Our transport packaging is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way via the Interseroh system.

Proven location advantage
As a member of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V., Nuremberg, our production and our products are subject to permanent quality testing by a neutral institute. Strict tests for harmful substances ensure that the furniture does not contain any substances that could cause illness. We manufacture our furniture exclusively in Germany. As a result, we are required by law to comply with such stringent environmental regulations as are seldom found at locations abroad. 

Social commitment

Social commitment has always been an integral part of our corporate culture. We know that we can only be successful in an intact and sustainable community. That is why we are connected to the region in many ways. Decker supports sporting, social and cultural projects. When selecting suitable projects and organisations, we always pay close attention to a close thematic relation to the concerns of our company. In sports, for example, we also attach great importance to topics such as youth work and the promotion of young talent.

And Decker provides direct support. For more than 50 years, we have been offering young people the opportunity of a well-founded apprenticeship in the professions of wood mechanic, industrial clerk and upholsterer; our goal is a personnel policy that will last for many years. Since we ourselves attach great importance to promoting young people, we cooperate with various schools in the region.

Tradition and culture are also no foreign words in our vocabulary. Decker supports various local events and has been its main sponsor since the foundation of the basket maker museum in Dalhausen. And for good reason, as Decker himself was founded as a basket maker. We also support PEFC's Wunschwald-Aktion, the Plant-for-the-Planet Academy and Aktion Mensch.