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annual closing

annual closing

In the attached PDF document you will find our holidays, bridge days and company holidays during which our production remains closed.

We will try to answer your questions promptly during this time.

Our administration is - with the exception of the holidays - continuously manned for you.

Many thanks for your understanding.

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Energy label article search

Dear customer,
Regulation (EU) No. 874/2012 on energy labelling stipulates that every lamp or luminaire placed on the market within the European Union must carry an energy efficiency label.

For the models placed by us with lights in your exhibition, please attach such a label to each article.

The energy efficiency classes for lamps and luminaires

To provide you with the best possible support, we have compiled the energy labels for lamps and luminaires, which you can download here in PDF format.

You only have to enter the 6-digit article number of the model in the search field:

Item number:

Energy label brochures

The energy efficiency classes for lamps and luminaires

Here you will find our energy label brochures, which you should display on the goods on display (preferably in a showcase with lights).

If you have placed an exclusive model of us in your exhibition, please write to us at moebel@decker.de.
We will send you the corresponding energy label brochure by e-mail.

Energielabelbroschüre Kollektion Alivio Energielabelbroschüre Kollektion Ameno Energielabelbroschüre Kollektion Delgado Energielabelbroschüre Kollektion Intenso Energielabelbroschüre Kollektion Laguna Energielabelbroschüre Kollektion Montare
Energielabelbroschüre Kollektion Prato Energielabelbroschüre Kollektion Prato Energielabelbroschüre Kollektion Ramos Energielabelbroschüre Kollektion Valenza Energielabelbroschüre Kollektion Venta Energielabelbroschüre Kollektion Vicenca

Emission label of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (German Furniture Quality Association)

emission label for our furniture in your showroom.

We are pleased that our solid wood furniture has been classified in the highest emission class A. This corresponds to the high requirements to the limit values of RAL-GZ 430.


Our solid wood furniture has been thoroughly tested for certain relevant substances such as formaldehyde, TVOC, TSVOC, CMR and R-value. This was followed by classification according to classes A to D.


This is further proof that we have been consistently developing our solid wood furniture for decades and continue to guarantee healthy living.

The colour scale on the label is intended to make it easier for consumers to make a purchasing decision when looking for healthy furniture and to protect them from health hazards caused by harmful emissions.

This emission label is available for download here. If you wish you can get it by mail.


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