Good reasons for Decker.

The best arguments for solid wood.

  • Tradition committed. Decker has been a family business with a long tradition since 1915. Founded as a basket maker, its roots still lie in craftsmanship, natural materials, a sustainable orientation, a high vertical range of manufacture and proximity to the region.
  • Experience needs history. Decker has more than 100 years of experience in furniture construction. The company has been a specialist in solid furniture for more than 30 years. Decker combines many years of experience in craftsmanship with state-of-the-art production technologies. Furniture is their craft.
  • Holistic furnishing solutions for living, dining and kitchen. Decker offers massive solutions for (almost) all living spaces. Natural wood can be experienced in every room - in the kitchen, in the dining room, in the living room. Everything from one wood, everything matching in design, everything individual. Decker Solid Wood Furniture can therefore perfectly blend all living areas into one big whole.
  • Individuality is standard. Each piece of solid wood has its own natural growth characteristics. But it is not only the material that ensures that every piece of furniture is unique. Decker solid wood furniture is individually handcrafted with attention to detail. Extensive type plans, individual planning options, order-related production and (almost) every special production ensure a personal piece of furniture. Every piece of furniture is unique.
  • The furniture is carved from the right wood. The basis for Decker solid wood furniture is exclusively wood from well-maintained forests, proven by regular PEFC certification. Wood and paper products with the PEFC seal are proven to originate from ecologically, economically and socially sustainable forestry ( Drawer frames are also made of solid wood - so Decker fulfils more than the DIN 68871 standard requires.
  • Quality is the sum of all parts. High-quality materials, trained and committed employees, our own glued wood production, a high depth of added value, state-of-the-art production technologies and efficient supply partners ensure that Decker's own high quality demands are met.
  • Güte- und Schadstoffgeprüft. As a member of the German Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (DGM-Möbel) all Decker furniture carries the Golden M, the quality seal of the Gütegemeinschaft. Production and products are therefore subject to permanent quality and pollutant testing by a neutral testing institute. All furniture complies with the highest emission class A box furniture and thus the requirements of the limit values according to RAL-GZ 430 and the requirements of the Blue Angel RAL-UZ 38 (wood-based materials).
  • Climate friendly materials, furniture and production. The use of wood is an effective way to act climate friendly. Open-pored wood in natural Decker furniture supports an optimal room climate. As a climate-neutrally certified furniture manufacturer, Decker manufactures its products in the most resource-conserving way possible - electricity comes from renewable energies, and biomass is used for heating. Material, furniture, production - everything speaks for a great climate.
  • Active environmental protection as a basis for action. Decker takes ecological aspects into account from procurement through production to the end product and thus consistently develops measures to improve resource and energy efficiency. The use of high-quality and environmentally friendly materials and production methods is an essential factor. All activities are based on the principles: Understand - Avoid - Reduce - Utilise - Embellish - Mediate.
  • Family-friendly company. Sealed by the district of Höxter and thus awarded for family-oriented measures. Decker takes its social responsibility seriously and not only trains in technical and commercial professions, but is also active in the region.
  • Made in Germany. Decker solid wood furniture is developed in Germany, manufactured in Germany and tested for quality and harmful substances.
  • Of today for tomorrow. Decker solid wood furniture will give you pleasure for a long time. A timeless design and high quality make an investment for life possible. The furniture is more than just a storage device. They are habitat. They provide a good living climate and have an antibacterial effect. And if they are not used as antiques tomorrow, they can be easily recycled. To ensure that Decker solid wood furniture remains natural and current knowledge is taken into account, new methods and new materials are constantly being developed. Decker sets standards with unmistakable furniture and sustainable orientation.