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Solid wood furniture must be functional, safe and well manufactured. Only solid wood furniture that meets all these requirements is awarded the appropriate quality mark.

Each quality mark stands not only for the health aspect but also for the guarantee of consistent quality. Decker solid wood furniture, for the production of which deciduous woods made of beech, oak or alder are used, has been awarded several quality marks. Many reasons to devote more attention to this topic. At this point, we would like to inform you about the various quality marks and seals, show what they stand for and what advantages they offer you.

German Quality Association for Furniture e.V.

Awarded with the quality mark M
Awarded with the quality mark M

With the RAL Quality Mark for Furniture you can be sure that you are buying reliable, good quality furniture tested for harmful substances. Neutral tests additionally secure the prescribed self-monitoring.

Quality-tested furniture must be stable, safe, durable and well processed - and it must not contain any disease-causing ingredients. Strict tests and controls ensure that furniture with the RAL quality mark meets the extensive requirements.

Decker has been a member of the DGM since 23.01.1989. All furniture produced by Decker carries the DGM manufacturer number: H19890038.

30 years of research, laboratory tests, practical tests, basic research and scientific exchange are behind the RAL quality mark, the "Golden M". A good basis for carefree living with tested furniture.

Further information is available at » www.dgm-moebel.de

An information film about the DGM can be found » here.

Awarded as a climate-neutral furniture manufacturer

Awarded as a climate-neutral furniture manufacturer
Awarded as a climate-neutral furniture manufacturer

You attach great importance to sustainability - so do we. For this reason, Decker focuses on resource- and environment-friendly action. The long-term reduction of CO2 emissions caused by manufacturing processes is one of our most important tasks.

Through numerous energy efficiency measures, Decker has succeeded in further reducing CO2 emissions in recent years. This was even officially confirmed to us at the end of 2015. As part of the DGM Climate Pact (www.dgm-klimapakt.de) and with the support of the company BEaZERO, we drew up a CO2 balance for the first time.

We then offset the unavoidable CO2 emissions calculated in this way with CO2 certificates from international climate protection projects (e.g. reforestation or wind energy projects).

The result: Our CO2 footprint leaves no traces of climate change. Decker can now identify itself as a climate-neutral furniture manufacturer in accordance with the guidelines for climate protection of the German Quality Association.

Also in the future Decker will continue to intensively deal with a continuous annual improvement of its own climate balance. For the future, the motto is "reduction before compensation", because the best emissions are those that do not occur in the first place.

You can find the Decker climate neutral certificate » here.

Emission label of the DGM

Emission class of the German Community Furniture
Emission class of the German Community Furniture

An emission label provides the consumer with information on pollutant emissions and is intended to protect him or her from health hazards. All our boxed furniture has been tested and has achieved emission class A. Emission class A meets the requirements of the limit values according to RAL-GZ 430 or the requirements of the Blue Angel RAL UZ 38 (wood-based materials), RAL UZ 117 (upholstered furniture) or RAL UZ 119 (mattresses). The emission class D corresponds to the legal requirement regarding the limit value for formaldehyde.

PEFC Germany e.V.

Sustainability with letter and seal - PEFC certificate
Sustainability with letter and seal - PEFC certificate

That is why our solid wood furniture is PEFC-certified.
As a medium-sized family business, we produce individual solid wood furniture exclusively in Germany. An essential part of our corporate philosophy is the holistic consideration of environmental protection. We take ecological aspects into account from procurement through production to the end product. The use of high-quality and environmentally friendly materials as raw materials, auxiliary and operating materials is an important factor.

Sustainability with letter and seal - PEFC certificate.
Our wood comes exclusively from stocks in which active and sustainable stock maintenance is carried out. We will also give you a letter and seal for this. As currently the only German manufacturer of solid wood furniture, we have been certified according to the standards of the world's largest forest certification system PEFC since the beginning of 2009. Through this sustainability we would like to give you the certainty and credibility that our wood products with the PEFC seal originate demonstrably from exemplary managed forests.

Why are we involved?
Forest is our important foundation. As the basis of life for people, animals, plants and the environment. Forest is the future. Here and now. That is why it is so important to secure and above all preserve this important capital for future generations. Not destroy and destroy, but preserve and protect. With the chain-of-custody certification according to PEFC, our company once again underlines its commitment to the environment and its responsibility in dealing with the indispensable raw material wood. The key to this is PEFC. Because PEFC ensures the preservation, balance and sustainability of forests and wood as a material. PEFC means responsibility. For manufacturers, retailers and customers alike. We feel more than committed to this. Today for tomorrow.

What does this commitment bring you?
According to a recent Emnid study, 93 percent of consumers agreed with the following sentence: "Industry, trade and commerce should use and offer more wood and wood products from certified sources in order to support sustainable forest management and climate protection". Against this background, our PEFC certification is a "sustainable" sign in the truest sense of the word.

Because all our valuable solid wood furniture comes from sustainable forestry - and with proof. The purchase of products bearing the PEFC logo makes a contribution to a healthy environment.

What does PEFC stand for?
It is an internationally valid name: Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes and is the world's largest programme for the recognition of forest certification systems. The PEFC goals transcend all national borders: Worldwide improvement of forest protection with strict monitoring of the entire timber product chain. In accordance with the resolutions of the Rio Conference on the Environment and all follow-up conferences. In PEFC-certified forests, strict management requirements are implemented that take ecological, social and economic factors into account. PEFC guarantees a controlled processing chain - independently monitored, fully traceable and sustainable. From certified forests to wood processing companies to the end product in the trade.

Certified wood products can be identified by this PEFC logo - valid with an additional identification number. This logo documents the commitment and willingness to support the forest ecosystem. It guarantees good technical forestry work by the forest owners and sustainable action. This creates clear conditions to ensure that the timber does not come from illegal logging or overexploitation.

All PEFC requirements at a glance

  • PEFC CoC standards have worldwide validity and significance.
  • No more wood is felled than grows back.
  • Where trees have been felled, reforestation takes place.
  • The forest remains a safe habitat for animals and plants.
  • The diversity of species in the forest is preserved.
  • A sustainably managed forest retains its function as a natural protection of water, soil and climate.
  • They guarantee the legal origin of the raw material wood.
  • The high standards of occupational safety are adhered to in all forest work.
  • Workers' rights are safeguarded.
  • All work is carried out by qualified personnel.
  • The rights of people who live from and/or depend on the forest (for example, forest farmers or indigenous peoples in South America) are safeguarded.

Source: PEFC Germany e.V.. Detailed information can be found in our » PEFC-Broschure or at » www.pefc.de

PEFC draws attention to sustainable origin of wood with social media project "Find your roots"

Stuttgart, 06.02.2019: Under the motto "We know where our wood has its roots. Find your roots too" invites PEFC consumers to find out where and how they are rooted all over the world. On the website www.deine-wurzeln.com, participants can set up a family network and network with family members worldwide. A map visualizes in which places and countries the own family members live and how these are connected with each other. By E-Mail further relatives can be invited into the own network. Each participant can contact their own relatives via a messenger function. However, they cannot view the personal data of other users for data protection reasons.

The 20 largest family networks also have the chance to win attractive prizes. One of the main prizes is a barbecue worth €2,000 for the whole family in a PEFC-certified forest. The winners are determined at the end of the year.

Wood instead of plastic

How can we use our forests - and at the same time do something to protect them?

Our forests in danger - let us use them sustainably! PEFC certification contributes to this.

Unbeatable good - the raw material wood. With PEFC we use wood from our forests sustainably!

Furniture with class from Germany

Furniture with class from Germany
Furniture with class from Germany

Quality from Germany is a lived value for us. For this reason, we consistently produce on site and source our materials from regional suppliers. In this way, we ensure that all know-how remains in our company for years to come and is further developed.