Wohnzimmer massivholz und Massivholzschrank von Decker Kollektion Valenza
Wohnzimmer massivholz und Massivholztisch von Decker Kollektion Valenza
Schrankwand Wohnzimmer aus Massivholz Decker Kollektion Valenza
Decker Massivholzmöbel Massivholztisch Massivholz Sideboard Massivholzschrank Kollektion Valenza
Decker Wohnwand Massivholz Kollektion Valenza
Decker Wohnzimmer Inspiration Kollektion Valenza
Decker Massivholzmöbel Esszimmer Massivholz Valenza
Decker Massivholzmöbel Massivholz Highboard Wohnwand Kollektion Valenza
Decker Massivholzmöbel Kollektion Valenza Abbildung 12
Decker Massivholzmöbel Wohnwand Kobination Kollektion Valenza
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Valenza Solid wood furniture collection

With its clear design language and natural surfaces, the proven Decker solid wood furniture collection Valenza sets atmospheric accents and immediately shows where it originated. High-quality materials such as the local natural oiled beech heartwood, oak, bianco oiled and oak, natural oiled characterise the atmospheric overall picture and lend the solid wood furniture a special value.

Here variety and uniqueness unite and merge to an impressive composition. Experience a tasteful ensemble that leaves a harmonious and lively impression in the midst of a stable living structure. Let the consistent lines have an effect on you. Discover the many small details, such as the glass lighting elements framed in aluminium frames.

With Valenza you can enjoy a completely new living experience. Contemporary and striking. Quality in harmony with stylish design. For years a guarantor for pleasant living in a relaxed atmosphere.

Model information

wood species

» solid beech heartwood, natural oiled
» solid oak, natural oiled
» solid oak, bianco oiled


  • Natural oiled or bianco oiled.

Please observe the instructions for use and care.

design variants

  • Cabinets in different widths and heights
  • Base units for TV, VIDEO, flat screen
  • Planable system with lighting shelves and wall units
  • Extensive selection of dining and coffee tables

Please note the extensive type plan. All documents for download can be found below.

Constructional design and materials


Solid wood, glued laminated boards, partly finger-jointed


Solid wood; glued laminated boards with continuous lamellas


Natural oiled

rear panels: 

Plywood according to DIN 68705


All-metal, extremely stable and heavy-duty, damping and self-closing integrated in hinge


With full extension and damped self-closing mechanism

stop bars:

Solid on all commodes doors


Electrical accessories according to European safety standards

Product-typical characteristics

Please pay particular attention to the notes on the material "solid wood".

Made in Germany - This model is manufactured exclusively in Borgentreich, Germany. Thus we are subject to the high environmental requirements of the location Germany.

Quality and pollutant testing

This furniture range complies with the high quality and test specifications of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V., Nuremberg. The requirements for healthy living are fulfilled (tested for harmful substances according to RAL-GZ 420/3).

We are a member of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V., Nuremberg. Further information on the extensive quality and pollutant tests can be found at www.dgm-moebel.de.

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