Decker Massivholzmöbel Wohnzimmer Wohnwand Kollektion Venta
Decker Massivholzmöbel Kollektion Venta Wohnwand und Highboard aus Kernbuche
Esszimmer von Decker Massivholzmöbel Massivholztisch und Esszimmermöbel Venta
Decker Massivholzmöbel Kollektion Venta Lowboard Massivholzschrank und Hängeschrank
Massivholz Highboard und Wein Schränke von Decker Massivholzmöbel Kollektion Venta
Decker Massivholzmöbel Kollektion Venta Abbildung 6
Decker Massivholzmöbel Kollektion Venta Massivholztisch und Essstühle
Decker Massivholzmöbel Kollektion Venta Massivholztisch Massivholz Vitrine Massivholz Highboard
Decker Massivholzmöbel Kollektion Venta Abbildung 9
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Venta Solid wood furniture collection

Every tree and every piece of solid wood is unmistakable. Original, original, naturally beautiful and unique. Discover the solid wood furniture collection Venta, the perfect symbiosis of beauty, design and sustainability in a contemporary form.

High-quality materials such as domestic beech heartwood natural oiled or oak natural and bianco oiled lend the range a natural expression. The particularly attractive mix of hanging and stand elements demonstrates the high standards of individuality and independence.

Linear contours and clear lines define the harmonious overall appearance. Visible spigots set special visual accents. The exciting interplay of wood and glass underlines the puristic character of the elements.

Model information

wood species

» heartwood beech solid natural oiled
» solid oak, natural oiled
» solid oak, bianco oiled


  • Natural oiled or bianco oiled.

Please observe the instructions for use and care.

design variants

Planable system with many free-standing and suspended units in various depths and widths. Extensive selection of dining and coffee tables.

Please note the extensive type plan. All documents for download can be found below.

Constructional design and materials


Solid wood, glued laminated boards, partly finger-jointed


Solid wood; glued laminated boards with continuous lamellas


Natural oiled

rear panels: 

Plywood according to DIN 68705


All-metal, extremely stable and heavy-duty, hinge damping


Electrical accessories according to European safety standards

Product-typical characteristics

Please pay particular attention to the notes on the material "solid wood".

Made in Germany - This model is manufactured exclusively in Borgentreich, Germany. Thus we are subject to the high environmental requirements of the location Germany.

Quality and pollutant testing

This furniture range complies with the high quality and test specifications of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V., Nuremberg. The requirements for healthy living are fulfilled (tested for harmful substances according to RAL-GZ 420/3).

We are a member of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V., Nuremberg. Further information on the extensive quality and pollutant tests can be found at

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