Our solid wood furniture is not only "superficially good".

Today, solid wood furniture should be understood, built and treated in such a way that originality and naturalness are in the foreground and thus the prerequisites for healthy living are created. For this reason, our solid wood collection is available with an oiled surface. We call it "natural oiled".

Oil makes wood beautiful.

Oiled furniture surfaces are well suited for the entire living area. The oil has a good penetrating power into the wood, the grain is fired lively, it forms an open porous, vapour permeable surface. The wood is now protected against environmental influences, without any harmful substances.

But where there's light, there's shadow. So we don't want to hide the disadvantages of oiled furniture surfaces: The need for care and the higher sensitivity to light. The oiled surface does not make a "closed protective layer" like the paint does. Oil penetrates into the pores of the wood and provides a certain degree of protection through this impregnation, which, however, must be renewed regularly.

Oiled wood tends to discolour depending on the incidence of light, but this can also be a desired effect! They can often repair minor damage themselves. And don't worry - we have the right care products to remove all sorts of stains and increase water resistance.

To preserve the value of these precious "natural products" please see our care tips.